Business license

Making changes to an existing business? You’ll probably need to file a Business License Application. Change business locations or business license a new location.

Register or change a trade name. Change your unemployment insurance or industrial insurance coverage. After you log in, click Get Started next to Business Licensing. Click File New Business License Application in the I want to menu. Follow the prompts to complete your application. Learn more about using My DOR.

To find out which supplemental forms you’ll need, see the Business Licensing Wizard. Mail your completed application, supplemental forms, and payment for fees to the address on the form. 2011 Washington State Department of Revenue and its licensors. The Fulton County Business Occupational Tax Division issues Business Occupational Tax Certificates to businesses that are located within the Fulton Industrial District of Fulton County only. For questions regarding the issuance of a new Business Occupational Tax Certificate please contact the Fulton County Business Occupational Tax Division at 404-612-7722.

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