What is opposite business

Why are diesel, gasoline going opposite ways? Though drivers who use gasoline have gotten a break at the pump in the last few weeks, the price of diesel fuel has hit record highs. That has a lot of readers asking: what gives? Meanwhile, last week’s column on investing in stocks prompted Robert in Pittsburgh to go ahead what is opposite business open an online brokerage account.

But he’s not sure exactly how to get started. Why is the price of diesel so high? Compared to the price at the pump in N. Why is there almost a dollar difference? Running trucks and heavy equipment is so costly we should park them.

Freight causes the price of everything to increase. Doesn’t it cost less to make diesel than unleaded? I keep reading about market forces dictating the price of fuel, but I have difficulty making things add up. An example is the retail price of diesel fuel. 97 per gallon more than the same time last year. What I don’t understand is the fact that prices are so much higher than last year when distillate inventories are within the average range and are actually 3.

For many years, diesel has been cheaper than gasoline at the pump — which is why so many readers are puzzled by the recent flip-flop. There’s little difference in the cost of making the two fuels. But while the basic problem remains supply and demand, each of these fuels marches to a different market drummer. And there are a bunch of forces on each side of the supply-demand balance that have combined to make life miserable for diesel buyers. Let’s start with those inventory numbers. The government tracks total stocks, but they don’t adjust for demand.

Meanwhile, diesel demand is still going strong. Despite higher prices, people seem to be finding a way to pay for diesel. Demand for gasoline, on the other hand, has fallen — as it always does this time of year when the summer driving season ends. And gasoline supplies have been boosted by a wave of imports that began when Katrina hit six weeks ago, much of it from Europe. We still have 20 percent of U. Some will probably be offline through December. The problem there is that diesel and No.