6 percent refinance

Compare rates from lenders in . Conventional wisdom holds that stocks and bonds supplement one another, and that as «money moves in» to one side of the market, it 6 percent refinance move out of the other. Conventional wisdom is super duper wrong! Mortgage News Daily provides the most extensive and accurate coverage of the mortgage interest rate markets.

Access Live MBS Prices with MBS Live! Take a 14-Day Risk Free Trial. P, but that’s a small enough number to be relatively common, periodically. From there, a sell-off of more than roughly 33 points becomes much less common. Mortgage application activity declined during the week as the 30-year mortgage rate crossed the 5. Mortgage rates recovered a small portion of their recent losses today, but the average loan applicant might not even notice.

2009-2013 was an unprecedented time for the US bond market. Maybe I read somewhere that the average age of a loan officer is 76. Hurricane Florence, the storm that tore up much of eastern North and South Caroline in September, may be especially disastrous in terms of VA loans. The jobs report may have missed the mark in terms of payrolls, but average hourly earnings put in its 4th straight month holding 2. 2011 today following mixed data on the jobs market. Mortgage lenders have been increasingly reporting tighter margins as costs rise for each actual loan transaction.